Whole Body Balancing

My business is about helping people restore their health and move them along their wellness journey. For some people, pain keeps them awake at night. They’ve forgotten what it feels like to not have pain—all they want is the pain to stop so life can resume.

“I want to help them achieve that goal through the use of acupuncture and other techniques.”

The innate life force that flows through each of our bodies can be affected by numerous factors; diet, emotions and day-to-day living. This energy is our life force, its our spirit; it’s what makes our heart pound. And it’s that key ingredient to life that we lose when we die.” “Acupuncture is all about moving the energy, opening blockages and rebalancing the body.

Every day life can literally disrupt our energy flow; stress, a poor diet, and a lack of exercise can all have adverse effects on our energy flow and this will effect our well being. People in the workforce find themselves out of balance due to workplace expectations and the environmental factors.

Just think of the flow of energy like the circulation of blood. If you have a lack of energy flow to a part of the body, you’re going to have a reduction in the function of that part of the body; which can eventually lead to more imbalance and possibly chronic disease. Acupuncture puts that energy imbalance back into alignment.”

This realignment can have powerful holistic effects; it can boost immune system function, eliminate pain and tension, plus so much more. Daily activities can be enjoyable again.

The ultimate solution is to bring back balance in all aspects of life including exercise, healthy eating, work, fun, and rest. Acupuncture can help you in this process.

My job is to remove that imbalance – and then the body takes over and does the healing. The body is programmed for health and not sickness.