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At your first visit Doreen will assess your condition and prescribe a treatment protocol. Acute or new conditions can typically be resolved within three to six treatments. Chronic conditions may require more treatments over time: at each treatment your injury will be re-evaluated to ensure that your recovery is as expedient as possible.

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If this is your first appointment, please let Doreen know when you schedule your appointment.

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Pain Management

Series of 3 Sessions | You only pay $234.88
$12.40 Savings or 5% Off

Series of 6 Sessions |You only pay $434.88
$48.320 Savings or 10% Off


Purchase a package of three 60 minute sessions (save $17.70)
Each session 60 minutes sells for 118.00.  For 3 sessions $354.00.  I’ll pay the GST.  You only pay $336.30

Purchase a package of six 60 minute sessions (save $70.80)
6  sessions for 60 minutes are$708.00 with 10% off. You only pay $637.20